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The main objective of the PROJECT IPA 2012 "Establishment of an integrated environmental monitoring system for air and water quality" part " Supply of ICT equipment and software for Air Quality Monitoring System" is to enable the competent national institution, Serbian Environmental Protection Agency, collecting, updating and processing the results of the automatic air quality monitoring from the national network of the automatic measuring stations for air quality, for the purposes of reporting on the national and EU level. The objective of the project is also to provide the public presentation of the results of automatic air quality monitoring, in real time, from national network and local networks in Vojvodina, Pancevo and Belgrade. Beside the Agency as the end user, in this project participate Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection, Novi Sad, Municipality of Pancevo, EP Secretariat and Institute of Public Health, City of Belgrade. The project was realized as a distributed system with central server at the Serbian Environmental Protection Agency and relevant links with centers of existing local networks in Novi Sad, Pancevo and Belgrade.  

Legal basis
Air quality in the Republic of Serbia is regulated by the existing domestic legislation. The basic law is the Law on Air Protection (“Off. Gazette RS" No. 36/09, 10/13). Its provisions, in the monitoring and assessment of air quality area, are specify with By-laws: Regulation for air quality monitoring and air quality requirements (“Off. Gazette RS" No. 11/10, 75/10 and 63/13), Regulation on the establishment of programs for air quality control in national network (“Off. Gazette RS" No 58/11), Regulation on the establishment of zones and agglomerations (“Off. Gazette RS" No. 58/11, 98/12).

The Agency monitors air quality in the national network in accordance with Art. 13 Law on Air Protection and prepares and publishes annual report on the state of air quality in the Republic of Serbia in accordance with Art. 67 Law on Air Protection.

The establishment of national system for automatic air quality monitoring
Serbian Environmental Protection Agency set the first stations for automatic air quality monitoring at the end of 2006 in Smederevo and Bor. Agency is designated as responsible for the establishment and operational functioning of the system for automatic air quality monitoring in the Republic of Serbia.
The main impulse to the establishment of a national automatic air quality monitoring in the Republic of Serbia gave the CARDS project “SUPPLY OF EQUIPMENT FOR AIR QUALITY MONITORING”. This EU project has donated equipment for 28 measuring stations, calibration laboratory, analytical laboratory, a mobile station and one vehicle. Preparatory activities and much of the project was implemented in the period 2008-2010, and it was completed in 2011. Beside Agency, crucial support for project activities gave the Fund for Environmental Protection. The Fund financed the preparation of sites for setting up automatic stations, participated in the upgrading of laboratory for air quality and funded the procurement of equipment to set up automatic stations on the sites of interest that were not covered by donation. The financial support of the Fund for Environmental Protection is comparable with the EU donation.